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Q. Where are classes held?

A. Classes are held in the Acting Out Studio, room # 6 at the Tannery Mall in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Enter the West Entrance. You can find directions to the Tannery at http://thewww.tannerymall.com

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Q. What should my child wear to class

A. Comfortable clothing is best. Play clothes. Girls should wear pants, preferably.

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Q. What is the schedule of classes?

A. Please see our Class Schedules page for this information.

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Q. How many weeks in each session?

A. 8

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Q. How much does each session cost?

A. Pricing for classes is as follows:

  • 45 min. class (ages 4-6) is $130/session
  • 1 hour class (ages 7-13) is $140/session
  • 1 hour & 15 min class is $145/session 

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Q. What is your Holiday/Snow Day Policy?

A. We follow the closings of the Newburyport Schools for SNOW DAYS, VACATIONS AND HOLIDAYS. In the case of cancellations due to stormy weather later in the day, we will send an email as well as POST CANCELLATIONS ON OUR SCHEDULE PAGE by noon that day.  All cancelled classes are made up at the end of the session.

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Q. What age can a child start drama class?

A. The youngest age group that we teach is ages 4-6.

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Q. How many children are in each class?

A. There are typically 8-16 children in each class. 

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Q. What kind of training do the instructors have?

A. Our instructors have a wide range of training, but all come from very strong theater backgrounds. For more information on a specific instructor, bios and teaching goals please see our About Us, page.

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Q. Is there one instructor per class?

A. There is usually one instructor and one aide in each class of approximately 15 children.

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Q. Do you have a late pick-up policy?

A. Yes. After a 5 minute grace period, late parents will incur a $5.00 fee for each minute of child care.

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Q. Are there recitals or a peek week for children who are not ready to be in a play?

A. Each individual teacher decides whether or not to hold a peek week. Please see your teacher for more details. Or e-mail her. We are not always aware of teachers' class plan changes.

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Q. Where are the productions held?

A. Productions are held in a variety of places:

  • The Firehouse Center, Newburyport
  • The Hope Community Church
  • The Actors Studio, in the Tannery, Newburyport
  • The Yellow School for the Arts, Byfield
  • St. Paul's Church, Newburyport
  • Rocky Hill Meeting House, Amesbury

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Q. Can you recommend a quality vocal instructor?

A. Yes. There are three Voice Instructors that we recommend:

  • The Musical Suite - (978) 462-8225
  • Bella Voce - (978) 499-8623
  • Martha Peabody - (978) 388-8826

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Q. When are the auditions for the next play?

A. Check out our Auditions page for all the information on the latest auditions.

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